Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation

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Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to discover your house filled with smoke and flames. Then imagine discovering that your kids are trapped by flames. By the time you reach them, they are severely burned. Their pain is immense. This pain will last for months while they undergo many surgeries and bandage changes. Their lives will be changed forever.

According to the Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation, “each year, thousands of children receive traumatic burns throughout the USA. In Las Vegas alone, the scars caused by burns affect hundreds of our kids each year.”

The Burn Foundation’s role and mission is crucial for many families in our local community. It takes the lead in aiding burn victims and their families after catastrophic fires. This includes assisting with funeral costs when necessary. The Foundation continues giving support to these families during the holidays when cheer and happiness is really needed.

To help kids return to a somewhat normal life, they are able to attend a burn camp. These camps help kids learn how to deal with the physical and psychological aspects that burns bring. Attending camps with other burn victims allows kids to bond with others that have gone through the same horrific ordeal. This bonding time allows them to understand that they’re not alone.

The Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation is able to provide assistance to burn victims because of charitable donations. It is the financial support from loving donors that allows kids in our community to endure and recover from tragic burns. Every dollar donated will be put to work in our community.

Although funds are desperately needed now, to leave a legacy and make your money go even further, you can designate the Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Using life insurance proceeds as a contribution allows you to make a huge impact for a fraction of the cost. To help even more, one of the life insurance providers we use at Universal Retirement, will also contribute an additional 2% of any death benefit designated to the Burn Foundation.

When you are considering gifting monies to such a wonderful organization as the Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation please also consider making your estate go further by using life insurance to leave even more. This will help more burn victims in our community recover with the loving care they deserve.

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together, we can feed everyone. Using life insurance to make your donations go further.

I have to admit that I always thought that volunteering in a food bank meant I’d be putting hot food on a tray for an unfortunate homeless person. A visit to a food bank in Florida and then Three Square in Las Vegas sure opened my eyes. As the Three Square website explains, “Hungry does not mean homeless. It may surprise you to learn that, every day, working parents in Southern Nevada face an unthinkable choice between feeding their families and paying the bills.” In fact, one in seven people in southern Nevada struggle with hunger. That is a staggering number considering the prosperity that abounds in Las Vegas.

Through community partners, Three Square was able to reach nearly 140,000 individuals struggling with hunger each month in 2016. Three Square is an amazing and very efficient food collection, preparation, and distribution center in Las Vegas. Their efficiency means they can turn a $1 donation into 3 meals. The best grocery store shoppers can’t even come close to that ratio. In fact, Three Square is so efficient, 94.1% of all donations and revenue go directly into their food and distribution programs. 3.7% of revenue is spent on fundraising efforts, and administration expenses are only 2.2%! That’s impressive! Donation money is spent very wisely and efficiently.

Donating to an organization like Three Square truly helps people in our community survive. The need is tremendous and still growing. Donations are needed every day to help those currently in need. Every $1 donated provides 3 meals. Donating $1,000 to Three Square will provide 3,000 meals. Now imagine if you could help 100,000 times more! Imagine providing 300,000 meals to those in need; how about 3,000,000 meals?! Life insurance is the way to make your money go farther. Using life insurance as a donation instrument is a way to make your money more efficient and go further than imaginable. Rather than using your cash as a donation, you can purchase a life insurance policy that will provide 4 or 5 times more money to Three Square. Purchasing a $1,000,000 life insurance policy, designating Three Square as the beneficiary, is an ideal way to create a legacy without using $1 million from your estate. Imagine how you’d feel by providing 3,000,000 meals to hungry people in southern Nevada!

To make your money go even further, one of the life insurance providers we use at Universal Retirement will also contribute an additional 2% of any death benefit designated to Three Square. That’s an extra 60,000 meals!

Let’s all help eradicate hunger in our community.


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