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Many CCSD employees are concerned about whether Nevada’s Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) will remain solvent and be there when it’s time for them to collect money from their hard-earned pension. Rest assured, Nevada’s PERS is the Best in Class! Watch this video to learn more about how PERS invests retirement funds and how secure it is.

Although the calculations of the Nevada Public Employees Retirement System payout can be complicated, our expert advisors can help explain it in a way that makes it easy to understand.

PERSCCSD employees often confuse their Nevada Public Employees Retirement System retirement savings with their 403(b) or 457(b) supplemental retirement plans. PERS contributions are made by CCSD on your behalf so you will never see a deduction listed on your pay stub. Upon retirement, PERS will only pay you a percentage of your earned wages. Your supplemental plan savings may be used to make up the difference. Just like the payout in retirement, we have supplemental plans that will also provide you a Guaranteed Lifetime Income. With a combination of these plans, and proper planning, we can help ensure that you have the income you need during your retirement years.

PERSMany Nevada public employees have paid into the Social Security system prior to working within the Clark County School District. Nevada Public Employees Retirement System income often affects Social Security income. However, the calculations to determine potential offsets can be complex. We hold regular workshops to help employees understand what income they can expect during retirement. Prior to attending a workshop, visit and to obtain current statements. Bring those statements with you when you attend a workshop so you can see your personal calculations.

Contact us today to schedule time with an advisor that can help you better understand your PERS.

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