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Reaching Every Goal Starts by Taking Action

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If you want to accomplish your goals you need to start by taking action. Watch Todd Howell and James Bischoff discuss how taking action may affect your retirement. Take Action Video


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Tired of Paying Taxes?! We have a solution!

Learn how to reduce your taxes and embrace tax free income. Protect your money and your life against the unthinkable. Zero risk of your hard earned money. Lock in your interest gains. Also includes death benefits and living benefits in the event of a terminal, chronic, or critical illness.

Know your retirement savings will never stop growing, Learn how to use retirement savings to increase your income when you turn on income, never run out of money retirement planning is real and costs less than stock variable accounts, permanent life insurance myths about investment values are untrue, it’s the only investment guaranteed in event to happen that pays on average 4-5 times or more what it cost you. Many facts you should know are available with a no-obligation, free consultation right here! Take advantage of your future today contact us now, time does not stop and every day you are not using the right plan is another day you could be living happier in retirement!

Schedule your no obligation consultation today click HERE

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Are You Gambling With Your Retirement?



Joe and Andy were childhood friends, and they kept their friendship alive all through their lives. They didn’t move far from their hometown, and they always made time for each other, playing poker once a week for 25 years, going on fishing trips together, and attending football games at their local high school.

They were good buddies, but although they shared a lot in their lives, they didn’t share the same approach to saving for retirement. Joe was a long term thinker, and he gave a lot of thought to his retirement. He put as much of his pay as he could into his 401k plan, and he managed to diversify into real estate, annuities, and even a cash value life insurance plan that would provide a tax-free income. He lived modestly, and didn’t buy much on credit, because he didn’t want to be in debt.

Andy couldn’t be bothered with that. He never had a budget in his life, and he always bought whatever he wanted. He lived in a bigger house than he could afford, and he traded in his cars every two years for a newer, more expensive model. He borrowed against his 401k and never put aside anything extra. When he got laid off in his 50s, he never found another job with the same pay or benefits, and he dipped into his retirement fund to finance his lifestyle.

When Joe and Andy turned 65, their lives were very different. Joe and his wife Susan were able to start receiving income from their annuities and life insurance policy, so they were able to buy a vacation home. They had enough money to live comfortably in both of their properties, plus take a couple of vacation trips each year.

Andy and his wife Diane had only Social Security to live on, and they had to move to a smaller house, sell one of their cars, and cut back in every area of their lives. Andy even had to stop playing poker with Joe every week, because he didn’t have the money for it!

In poker terms, Joe and Andy played their cards differently, and that made all the difference in their retirements!

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The Term Life Insurance Lie

Category : Retirement

I am sick and tired of hearing that people should buy term insurance and invest the difference. Term insurance can be very affordable, but I am constantly talking to people who bought a term life insurance policy 20 or 30 years ago and they don’t have the retirement savings they had hoped for (mainly because they lost money in the stock market or because they couldn’t afford to save enough each month). Now when they are 30 years older (and often in worse health) they are left without life insurance to pass on wealth to their loved ones, nor do they have the large savings they had dreamed of.

Most people are shocked at the cost of life insurance when they are in their 50’s or 60’s! Rarely do young people inquire about life insurance premiums for 60 year olds. If they did, it may change their outlook on whether it’s smart to pay a little more to start a permanent life insurance policy that will last their entire life. If a permanent policy is structured correctly, premiums may only need to be paid until the age of 60. Then you essentially have free coverage for the rest of your life! In many cases, the life insurance policy can also pay you back once you get to retirement age! Then you have paid up life insurance AND another source of Tax-Free income during the retirement years. You’ll never see a term policy do that!

Don’t even get me started on people that rely on GoFundMe accounts to pay for funeral expenses…

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Does Your Company Retirement Plan Attract the Best Employees?

Job seekers are always on the prowl for employers that offer not only a good salary package, but also an attractive range of fringe benefits. Among the employee benefits that tend to appeal to the majority of job seekers are health insurance, stock options and company sponsored retirement plans. Retirement plans may be particularly attractive because at the back of every job seeker’s mind, is the dream of eventually enjoying a comfortable life after a successful career. The idea of working for an organization that offers the best retirement plan can be a deal breaker for the discerning job-seeker.

As a small or medium-sized business, you may have trouble attracting the right talent because your business may not be able to offer competitive monetary compensation. However, you could still woo the best talent by offering an attractively packaged company sponsored retirement plan. Tax Deferred options may help employees reduce their tax liabilities and an after tax plan option may work for others. A Roth 401(k), Roth IRA, or Insurance Contract may be ideal for your company. These allow employees to accumulate retirement savings and not have to worry about taxes being deducted when withdrawals are made during retirement years. In addition, employees may withdraw funds penalty-free at any time. This feature may be appealing to job-seekers since it gives them the opportunity to access cash if they ever find themselves in an emergency or in need of a lump sum for making a down payment on a home or paying for their children’s college. As an employer, you can attract the best talent simply by offering the right retirement plan package.

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Saving Your Acorns


Squirrels have a pretty good retirement plan, if you think about it. While other animals — like, for instance, the crows — are living the carefree, party-hearty lifestyle all summer and fall, the smart little squirrels are gathering acorns and storing them for the winter months.

That’s why they can curl up in their trees and play canasta all winter, while the crows have to search for odd bits of seeds in the snow all winter long, and complain about their arthritis.

A lot of people are the opposite of squirrels. They go along from day to day not thinking much about the future, because, well, there’s just too much going on in the present to keep them busy.

But that’s a mistake, and here’s why.

Retirement. Yes, there’s a time in either the near or far future when we will reach the end of our working life, and we’ll want to have enough acorns put away to weather the winter of our lives. Sorry if this is getting too poetic, but you get the point.

It’s that it’s never too early to start planning for a happy, healthy retirement, and actually sooner is much better than later. The future is not easy to predict, but one thing that’s pretty certain is that the cost of living is bound to go up, and certain other costs — like healthcare, for example — will go up faster than the average.

If you want to have enough money on hand to pay for all those increased costs, it’s essential to start saving for retirement now.

At Universal Retirement we can help you do that. Call us today at 702-400-4500 to learn the best way to save your acorns.

We’re very good with acorns.

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The Amazing IUL

Learn about the amazing benefits of the IUL! The next few minutes could change your life!

If you want a zero implementation cost and zero risk of loss for invested savings for your deposits as a owner or for your employees, contact us for a free no obligation consultation we just need a few questions answered so we can come to you prepared to best meet your needs and goals.

Ever asked yourself WHY the Federal and State Government does not offer a 401k or variable product to their employees thru their pension plans in most savings benefits plans?

This would mean they are paying U.S. taxpayer dollars it seems to people and those people decide to save for retirement thru a pension plan that perhaps ended up losing money. Not a good way to get re-elected maybe?


If you own a business and your retirement plan is not performing as it you thought or feel it should, we have a guaranteed performance solution. Even more importantly you may save on costs without the set up or management fees that 401k or similar plans require in order to provide your benefits savings plan to your employees.

Our plan is zero implementation cost, has no risk of loss regardless of market conditions and gives you a great upside return on great market conditions. If the market drops you level off, when the market goes back up your interest gains increase with it.

We find that most people woh have 401ks with mutual fund management required and the responsibility is on the individual who is saving money for the later years, had not allocated their savings dollars towards funds, many dont know how. Yet there are managmenet and sometimes even deposit fees for every dollar deposited. All to find when poor decisions are made with the broker or fund which they are allocated and they lose money, what many business leaders and individuals may not understand is this eventually leads to higher taxes because old people who cannot work or had no living benefits which are included with every policy we provide, will be our tax burden in the years to come.

So, its important to think about your retirement plan and if your leadership skills are paramount with your business success. It may be said your number one asset in business success is your employees and executive management. No American worker should put their faith in the company leaders to have them invest in a product that gambles with their savings not growing at positive earnings for long term savings. No one who saves and is loyal to trust their company’s managment should find their savings was wittled away with fees that are not managing the dollars they hope to have grow so they don’t have t rely on subsidies or welfare to allow them to eat, pay their medical bills or buy medicine.

Our message is in honor of your success and how to ensure you take care of the people who work hard for your success and we have a no cost, zero cost plan that far out performs company retirement benefits plans and we can prove it.

So, if you care, and if you want to see the tax advantages plus have a plan that ensures your retirement as well as your employees who participate can trust that they will have a guaranteed lifetime iucome and not run out of a income to assist them with those days that are absolute- give them an absolute guaranteed return savings that has in worst of times returned at least 6% or more.

CALL 702.400-4500 for a qualified professional business agent to assist you.


OR Email us at: –

We will only ask a few questions about your company and your goals for the plan

Date and time scheduled will require about 1 hour for consultation to present the best solution to your goals and needs.



We’re proud to work with those who serve.

Universal Retirement is proud to provide free education on financial literacy to the U.S.O and Nellis A.F.B. as well as many other companies and their employees at no charge. This includes budgeting and psychology of money, advancing investment strategies and many others. These classes are as well offered to young adults thru schools, churches and other organizations free of charge. We are proud to give back and hope our endeavors will reduce poverty and help communities we server to be better places thru financial literacy.

To book a class for your company please call us at 702.400.4500 Today- Its Free and Great for all ages.

You can also email us at after hours or weekends.

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Happy Independence Day!

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America is an amazing place! I hope you have the financial freedom you desire!

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Ammo or a 401(k)?

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AmmoAmmunition may be a better investment than your 401(k)!

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about the availability and prices of ammunition. We jokingly said we’d be better off investing in ammunition than a traditional 401(k). That conversation stuck with me and prompted me to dig a little deeper.

The most recent bull stock market has been tremendous! Everyone with money in the market has seen their accounts grow; until this year of course. During this bull market the stock market has grown about 218% from its lows in 2008. Most people have seen their 401(k) accounts grow nicely since the market dive in 2007 and 2008. However, the stock market hasn’t seen new highs since May of 2015.

What about ammunition prices? Of course quality of ammo varies, so I looked at average prices. In 2007 you could buy .22 LR rounds for $0.05 and 9 mm rounds for $0.16. These prices were up slightly from low prices in 2005. The reasons why prices of ammunition climbed so high is the topic for another day. However, after 2007 the prices for ammo skyrocketed! Ammo prices reached highs in 2014 (one year before the stock market highs). In 2014, 9 mm rounds were going for $0.30. That’s a nearly 100% increase!  .22 LR rounds were selling for $0.20! That’s a 300% increase! Now in 2016, ammo prices are a little cheaper. .22 LR rounds are only $0.09 and 9 mm rounds can be picked up for only $0.22.

As you can see, some ammo prices increased more than others. Likewise, most people who had money in a 401(k) owned different mutual funds. Some funds performed better than others. Just like most investments, prices climb and fall.

If you had picked up thousands of rounds of ammo in 2007 and sold it in 2014 you may have outperformed your 401(k). However, most people who bought ammo probably used it for target practice, or they are still hoarding it for the apocalypse. Money invested in ammo from 2012 would’ve been a bad investment. Likewise, the stock market has already peaked. Any money being invested into a 401(k) since 2015, without an employer match, is likely being invested into a losing market.

Based on these two investment options, you could’ve made money in either investment. How much you make, or keep, really depends on when you get into, or out of each investment. As long as you’re timing each investment perfectly, you’ll be fine. That’s probably not likely. Another option is investing in ammo for enjoyable target practice. It may be fun, but it won’t help your lifestyle during your retirement years.

On the other hand, in the event of an apocalypse, ammo may be easier to access than funds in a 401(k); not to mention that ammo may be easier to trade for food and water! What are the chances of that really happening, right?

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It’s Time to Hurt Yourself… Financially!

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Baseball injury

Sometimes, talking about retirement is a subject that young people don’t feel they need to address until they are in their late 30’s, and older people wish they would have thought about it earlier.

I was flipping through a book yesterday and I came across a story…

During a Little League baseball game, a young boy was directed to steal second base.  As he slid in to the bag, his knee hit it awkwardly, which caused him to be in pain.  He laid there as the coach ran to him to check to see if he was alright.  The boy told the coach that his knee hurt really bad and wasn’t able to get up.

The coach waved to the one of the parents in the stands to have him come assist the situation.  The parent, who was a doctor, jogged onto the field.  The parent examined his knee, touched a couple of tender areas, then directed the young man to bend his knee.

The boy replied, “I can’t.”

The parent responded, “Why not?”

“Because it hurts too much.”

The parent softly responded, “Well, then hurt yourself.”

The boy looked at him, confused with what he just said, and slowly bent his knee.  The parent examined a little more and said that it looked like a sprain but we will get him into the office tomorrow to make sure everything is good.

I thought about this story, and it came to mind that we all have bad habits and get “caught up” in our day to day lives.  Everything becomes a routine, and we live within that routine, each and every day.  I cringe at the thought of how many families are caught up living paycheck to paycheck and can’t find their way out of that cycle.  Even when someone gets a pay raise, that money still tends to disappear, and isn’t put away for a “rainy day”.

Hence, the dreams of retiring disappear, and society considers it okay to work for the rest of your life.  It is time to break that standard of living and start putting yourself in a position to be able to retire and enjoy life.  Work if you want to… not because you have to.

When we were little, we didn’t dream to go through this struggle.  We think about being rich, going on trips, spending time with loved ones, heck, anything but working our backsides off!  I’m telling you today that you need to stop accepting, and get back to dreaming!  Break your cycle… Break your habit… It’s time to hurt yourself.

Find $140 a month –

I know, I know… You’re giving me the reasons you can’t do that right now.  I barely live off of what I have now, or good idea but I will do it later.  Let me break this down for you $140/month is:

  • If you get paid 2 times a month: That’s $70 a paycheck
  • If you get paid every 2 weeks: That’s $65 a paycheck

Yes… You can do it! Let’s get real – That’s under $35 a week.. $5 a day?!?!  You’re saying to yourself right now, “James, you’re crazy, I already told you I’m broke.”  Well… I’m telling you back, it’s there, you just don’t want to see it. Each week:

  • How many times do you eat out?
  • How many lattes do you buy?
  • How often do you buy shoes?
  • How often do you go to the movies?

The list is endless.  There is opportunity… you just have to hurt yourself.  You just need to create a habit and live within your means that you set.  Listen – you may be closing up your laptop, shaking your head and saying, “James doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he doesn’t understand my situation.”  Yes I do, and I have lived it!  I’m here to tell you (if you’re still reading) that you need to do what I did and stop your selfish spending habits (for me it’s shoes – can’t stay away from them!), look yourself in the mirror and conquer “you”.

If you think you can save $70… Read on!

Wow! You’re still with me?  Ok, let’s get serious… What is $70 going to get you? Is it even worth it?  YES!!!!

If you have a tax-deferred plan you can contribute to at your job… That’s actually $91 pre-tax!  Yep… $91 gross is $70 from your actual take home check!  See, you’re already making money!

Now, let’s say your 35 years old and you work until you’re 65.  There are some retirement options out there that could get you $559/month for the rest of your life!  Sound good now?  If you’re younger than 35… even better!

If your company doesn’t have a retirement plan?  Contribute the money to a Roth IRA.  Yes, the number would be smaller, but it’s Tax free, so it equals out to the same.  Awesome or what? See… retirement isn’t as bad as you thought, is it?

So to wrap this up, I want you to analyze where you are really at in your life, and let’s find some money to put away so that you can get back to achieving your dreams.  It’s time to hurt yourself, and take care of your future. If you want to know more, click here, and give me a call, text, email or whatever.

Until next time!



If you want more information about your retirement folder, or what retirement options are out there for you, go to or click here and we will be more than happy to get back to you.

James Bischoff offers many motivational financial literacy and retirement management seminars for all ages and businesses. Contact info:


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