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The Amazing IUL

Learn about the amazing benefits of the IUL! The next few minutes could change your life!

If you want a zero implementation cost and zero risk of loss for invested savings for your deposits as a owner or for your employees, contact us for a free no obligation consultation we just need a few questions answered so we can come to you prepared to best meet your needs and goals.

Ever asked yourself WHY the Federal and State Government does not offer a 401k or variable product to their employees thru their pension plans in most savings benefits plans?

This would mean they are paying U.S. taxpayer dollars it seems to people and those people decide to save for retirement thru a pension plan that perhaps ended up losing money. Not a good way to get re-elected maybe?


If you own a business and your retirement plan is not performing as it you thought or feel it should, we have a guaranteed performance solution. Even more importantly you may save on costs without the set up or management fees that 401k or similar plans require in order to provide your benefits savings plan to your employees.

Our plan is zero implementation cost, has no risk of loss regardless of market conditions and gives you a great upside return on great market conditions. If the market drops you level off, when the market goes back up your interest gains increase with it.

We find that most people woh have 401ks with mutual fund management required and the responsibility is on the individual who is saving money for the later years, had not allocated their savings dollars towards funds, many dont know how. Yet there are managmenet and sometimes even deposit fees for every dollar deposited. All to find when poor decisions are made with the broker or fund which they are allocated and they lose money, what many business leaders and individuals may not understand is this eventually leads to higher taxes because old people who cannot work or had no living benefits which are included with every policy we provide, will be our tax burden in the years to come.

So, its important to think about your retirement plan and if your leadership skills are paramount with your business success. It may be said your number one asset in business success is your employees and executive management. No American worker should put their faith in the company leaders to have them invest in a product that gambles with their savings not growing at positive earnings for long term savings. No one who saves and is loyal to trust their company’s managment should find their savings was wittled away with fees that are not managing the dollars they hope to have grow so they don’t have t rely on subsidies or welfare to allow them to eat, pay their medical bills or buy medicine.

Our message is in honor of your success and how to ensure you take care of the people who work hard for your success and we have a no cost, zero cost plan that far out performs company retirement benefits plans and we can prove it.

So, if you care, and if you want to see the tax advantages plus have a plan that ensures your retirement as well as your employees who participate can trust that they will have a guaranteed lifetime iucome and not run out of a income to assist them with those days that are absolute- give them an absolute guaranteed return savings that has in worst of times returned at least 6% or more.

CALL 702.400-4500 for a qualified professional business agent to assist you.


OR Email us at: –

We will only ask a few questions about your company and your goals for the plan

Date and time scheduled will require about 1 hour for consultation to present the best solution to your goals and needs.



We’re proud to work with those who serve.

Universal Retirement is proud to provide free education on financial literacy to the U.S.O and Nellis A.F.B. as well as many other companies and their employees at no charge. This includes budgeting and psychology of money, advancing investment strategies and many others. These classes are as well offered to young adults thru schools, churches and other organizations free of charge. We are proud to give back and hope our endeavors will reduce poverty and help communities we server to be better places thru financial literacy.

To book a class for your company please call us at 702.400.4500 Today- Its Free and Great for all ages.

You can also email us at after hours or weekends.

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Happy Independence Day!

Category : Retirement

America is an amazing place! I hope you have the financial freedom you desire!

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Are you a Fortune Teller?

Category : Finance

Are you a Fortune Teller? If not, then stop trying to predict the stock market.

Fortune tellerOn September 10, 2011 none of us knew the next day would bring a blow to the world and send the financial markets on a downward spiral.  On September 18, 2008 not many could predict the very next day would bring an announcement about the housing crisis and a multibillion dollar bailout for the nation’s banks that would send the economy into the largest plunge since the Great Depression.  Today, as I read about the uncertainty taking place in Europe as the UK voted to exit the European Union, it occurred to me that just 2 days ago, before the UK’s vote, we were in a moment like September 10, 2011 and October 18, 1987.  The trouble with the stock market is that no one can predict when these events that cause financial turmoil will occur until our IRA or our 401k has plummeted in value.  It’s depressing.  And it makes us wonder if we’ll ever be able to retire.

It’s time to stop trying to be a fortune teller.  There is a better way.  If you are tired of seeing red in your financial portfolio, it’s time to learn about fixed-indexing.  You can put your money into an account that will not lose money, regardless of what is happening in the world economies.  Call 702-580-4263 today to learn more about our fixed-index strategy.  So the next time you turn on the news and the markets are dropping because of some unpredictable world event, you can rest easy knowing your money is safe.

Angie Welsh

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Ammo or a 401(k)?

Category : Retirement

AmmoAmmunition may be a better investment than your 401(k)!

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about the availability and prices of ammunition. We jokingly said we’d be better off investing in ammunition than a traditional 401(k). That conversation stuck with me and prompted me to dig a little deeper.

The most recent bull stock market has been tremendous! Everyone with money in the market has seen their accounts grow; until this year of course. During this bull market the stock market has grown about 218% from its lows in 2008. Most people have seen their 401(k) accounts grow nicely since the market dive in 2007 and 2008. However, the stock market hasn’t seen new highs since May of 2015.

What about ammunition prices? Of course quality of ammo varies, so I looked at average prices. In 2007 you could buy .22 LR rounds for $0.05 and 9 mm rounds for $0.16. These prices were up slightly from low prices in 2005. The reasons why prices of ammunition climbed so high is the topic for another day. However, after 2007 the prices for ammo skyrocketed! Ammo prices reached highs in 2014 (one year before the stock market highs). In 2014, 9 mm rounds were going for $0.30. That’s a nearly 100% increase!  .22 LR rounds were selling for $0.20! That’s a 300% increase! Now in 2016, ammo prices are a little cheaper. .22 LR rounds are only $0.09 and 9 mm rounds can be picked up for only $0.22.

As you can see, some ammo prices increased more than others. Likewise, most people who had money in a 401(k) owned different mutual funds. Some funds performed better than others. Just like most investments, prices climb and fall.

If you had picked up thousands of rounds of ammo in 2007 and sold it in 2014 you may have outperformed your 401(k). However, most people who bought ammo probably used it for target practice, or they are still hoarding it for the apocalypse. Money invested in ammo from 2012 would’ve been a bad investment. Likewise, the stock market has already peaked. Any money being invested into a 401(k) since 2015, without an employer match, is likely being invested into a losing market.

Based on these two investment options, you could’ve made money in either investment. How much you make, or keep, really depends on when you get into, or out of each investment. As long as you’re timing each investment perfectly, you’ll be fine. That’s probably not likely. Another option is investing in ammo for enjoyable target practice. It may be fun, but it won’t help your lifestyle during your retirement years.

On the other hand, in the event of an apocalypse, ammo may be easier to access than funds in a 401(k); not to mention that ammo may be easier to trade for food and water! What are the chances of that really happening, right?

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We Support Police Officers

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All of the Advisors at Universal Retirement want to publicly express their support and sincere thanks to the police officers in Las Vegas, Henderson, across the state of Nevada, and across the country.

During the last several days we have witnessed brazen attacks against our police officers; those that risk their lives to protect us, and to ensure that each of us lives in a civil and safe community. Attacks on police officers have occurred across the country, but over the past few days those attacks have come into our community, again. Last year two of our finest were gunned down while peacefully eating lunch. This week, several officers were attacked while simply performing their duties of protecting our community.

Imagine a community without police officers; lawlessness and chaos would be the norm. None of us would be safe from criminals. Civil unrest would engulf our community. The place we all call home would be changed into a war zone.

I’m glad we have police officers cruising our streets, defending our schools, safeguarding our homes and businesses, chasing down criminals, and protecting our community.

Police Officers – you have our support and heartfelt appreciation.


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Benefits of a 403(b) Retirement Account

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The 403(b) is a tax-sheltered pension plan that is available to employees that work in institutions that have certain aims; education, literary, charitable, scientific, public awareness or similar purposes are served through these organizations.  The 403(b) plan allows the employees to contribute a certain portion of their salaries to this employer sponsored supplemental retirement account.

The 403(b) plan is similar to a 401(k) as their benefits resemble each other. However, the 403(b) plan benefits are specifically designed for non-profit entities; such as a school district.  The question arises why should one contribute to such a plan? It is a smart choice to choose 403(b) plan and to give you a brief idea about it, some of the top benefits affiliated with it are mentioned below:

Contributions are tax-deductible!

Saving yourself from hefty taxes is always desirable by almost any individual. With a 403(b), the contributions you make are deductible for federal income tax purposes. This means that you can contribute to your retirement plan without paying any tax on it. This reduces the amount of income tax paid and will help the employee get more benefits by saving extra cash.

Increase your savings tax-free!

Another big advantage is that the interest, dividends or gains on your contribution to the plan are not taxed until you start withdrawing them. This is yet another advantage that allows a 403(b) plan to be distinctive from normal taxable brokerage accounts.

You can easily rebalance your earnings more often by regularly scheduled contributions throughout a calendar year. Also, it allows you to focus purely on maximizing your savings for retirement.

Loans can be taken against your retirement plan!

Most people are eligible to take loans out of their 403(b) plans depending upon the provisions of their particular contract document of the employer. This tends to cater to the needs of the employee as unexpected expenses often arise throughout ones career.

However, necessary precautions must be taken when taking a loan from a retirement savings account as it may reduce the earnings you will need during retirement. Therefore, it’s advised that you consult a retirement advisor, accountant, account manager, or even an attorney to learn about the ramifications a loan can have on your account. With a few exceptions, loans taken from a 403(b) account must be repaid. Any unpaid loans may incur I.R.S. taxes and penalties.

Contribution Limits are much higher than IRAs!

In 2015, the I.R.S. allows contributions of up to $18,000 into a 403(b) account. Catch-up contribution limits are increased to $23,000! These annual limits enable an employee to amass a large account balance that can grow tax-deferred. The more money you save on tax-sheltered basis, the better prospects you’ll have after retirement!

However, no matter what retirement plan you choose, it’s always recommended that you become well educated about your options. It will not only allow you to maximize your earnings, but maximize your enjoyment during your retirement years as well!  To learn more about how a 403(b) may be right for you, contact our office to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Retirement Advisors.

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Fixed-Indexed Benefits

Category : Retirement

Why it is smart to use fixed-index financial products to guarantee an income in retirement?

When people settle on a decision to retire, it is not only a choice that affects them personally, but also a decision that influences the individuals nearest to them, particularly their grown-up kids. A standout amongst the greatest reasons of alarm for retirees and those getting ready for retirement is the prospect of outliving their savings and resources. Along with being a very common fear, this is a rational one. In fact, according to National Institute on Retirement Security, Americans are at least $6.8 trillion short of what they need to have saved for a comfortable retirement.

While this may sound overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. For retirement, it’s vital to guarantee you have an ensured stream of salary that lasts your lifetime and will help you maintain the same quality of life. Fixed-index financial products offer that security in the form of fixed indexed annuities (FIAs).

Let’s take a look at a little background, a fixed index annuity is a contract between you and insurance companies that may help you reach your life-long financial objectives. In exchange for a premium payment, the insurance company provides you income, either starting immediately or at some time in the future.

Why is it recommended to include a fixed-index financial product scheme as a feature of your diversified income strategy? The answer is straightforward: Fixed annuities, alongside Social Security and/or pensions, ensure guaranteed payments to help meet necessary expenses. The insurance agency is obligated to make payments to you for a particular time span you select, or if you pick a lifetime choice, the installments will occur as long you or your spouse live.

A fixed index annuity offers a unique combination of benefits that can help you achieve your long term goals. With FIAs, your principal and bonus are never subject to market index risk. A downturn in market index(es) cannot reduce your contract values.

Whereas Fixed-index income offers very low risk, Withdrawals from an investment portfolio, a rival feature in the retirement income scheme, requires its clients to be able to live with market volatility. Although it does provide potential growth, Withdrawals does not always guarantee longevity and inflation protection. This is in contrast with Fixed-index annuity, which invariably ensures longevity protection and guarantees some inflation protection.

No other product offers the tax deferral, indexed interest potential an optional benefits to protect your retirement assets and income. Let’s take a closer look at the three key benefits fixed index annuities: tax deferral, indexed interest potential and protection.

Tax deferral

Under current federal income tax law, any interest you earned in your FIA contract is tax deferred. You don’t have to pay ordinary income tax on any taxable portion until you begin receiving money from your contract; Withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income.

Indexed interest potential

Fixed index annuities provide an opportunity for potential interest growth taking in account changes in one or more index. Due to this potential indexed interest, FIAs provide a unique opportunity for accumulation. And since the interest your contract earns is tax deferred, it may amass assets faster.


Fixed index annuities provide you a degree of security you may find reassuring. This protection can serve you in three different ways:

  • Your principal and credited interests are protected.
  • You can be protected from the possibility of outliving your assets
  • If you pass away before annuity payments begin, a FIA may help you provide for your loved ones.

Today’s fixed-index financial products are a wonderful way to balance out a retirement portfolio because they are a low-risk insurance product that increase with index growth and are protected from market volatility. They also offer a guaranteed, steady stream of income to last throughout your retirement and help you pass on a financial legacy to your loved ones.

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