We Support Police Officers

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We Support Police Officers

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All of the Advisors at Universal Retirement want to publicly express their support and sincere thanks to the police officers in Las Vegas, Henderson, across the state of Nevada, and across the country.

During the last several days we have witnessed brazen attacks against our police officers; those that risk their lives to protect us, and to ensure that each of us lives in a civil and safe community. Attacks on police officers have occurred across the country, but over the past few days those attacks have come into our community, again. Last year two of our finest were gunned down while peacefully eating lunch. This week, several officers were attacked while simply performing their duties of protecting our community.

Imagine a community without police officers; lawlessness and chaos would be the norm. None of us would be safe from criminals. Civil unrest would engulf our community. The place we all call home would be changed into a war zone.

I’m glad we have police officers cruising our streets, defending our schools, safeguarding our homes and businesses, chasing down criminals, and protecting our community.

Police Officers – you have our support and heartfelt appreciation.


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